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Spring Marketing Campaigns and Tips

With spring right around the corner in the UK, it’s time to unveil those spring campaigns that you’ve been hatching all winter long. The great thing about the spring time is that there are so many appealing events associated with the season, that you can easily coordinate your campaign so it will blend right in with one or more of those special events. If you haven’t had much time to give it some serious thought, here are some ideas you might want to consider for your spring marketing campaigns.

Mother’s Day campaigns

There are all kinds of products which might be big sellers around Mother’s Day, starting with flowers, jewellery, teapots, cups, and specialty teas, chocolates, mugs, and even gardening gifts. If you can tie in your promotion with Mother’s Day, you’re bound to experience an uptick in sales, simply because the day itself is so popular, and virtually everyone in the country will be obliged to purchase something special for Mum.

Winter stock sales

One great way of unloading your winter stock is to tie it in with a springtime promotion, offering your customers a discount on all your winter stock, so you can make way for new incoming stock. You can label it your ‘Almost Spring’ sale and make a strong connection to the coming season, and that could put your usual customers in a buying mood.

Spring cleaning sales

If you happen to sell any kind of cleaning products, spring is the ideal time to advertise them, because it’s very often a time when people think about a major cleaning effort anyway. By coupling that natural inclination to a promotion of your best-selling cleaning products, you just might catch your customer base in the mood to make several large purchases.

Flowers and gardening ideas

There’s no better time of year to get out in the garden, preparing it for another season of fresh flowers and other attractive plants around the house. There are so many gardening tools, accessories, and even plants which might be needed to produce those beautiful summer flowers and shrubs, that almost anything you have in that line has the potential to be a big seller. 

Sporting events promotions

Spring always brings about a number of sporting events which capture the public imagination, and it would be a great idea to couple your springtime promotion or campaign with one or more of these events. Football season ends, the Grand National happens in April, the FA Cup Final is in May, and the Cricket World Cup also is staged during late spring. Use the popularity of these events to piggyback your own campaign on to them and enjoy some really significant springtime sales.


Digital Strategy for 2020

Regardless of your industry or business size, an online presence is a must in today’s marketplace. However, it’s not enough to simply put up a website or have a social media page. To compete digitally, you must have a digital strategy that promotes your business, builds brand awareness and encourages users to engage with your content to become customers. If you want to keep up with your competition, you have to keep up with the trends. Proactively optimizing your online presence to keep up with customers and changes in technology will help you stay ahead of the game.
AI and Chatbots For Customer Interaction
Chatbots might seem impersonal to the older generations, but these programs actually help customers in real-time to find what they are looking for. It saves your business time, because a chatbot can quickly answer questions. Chatbots are available 24/7, saving your business money on customer service. Plus, they’re always informative and unbiased.
Targeted Advertising
Modern consumers see hundreds, if not thousands, of digital ads every day. Consumers have learned to ignore marketing that is irrelevant to them. The solution is to provide digital content that is information, high-quality and relevant to the consumer. Digital marketing lets you target an audience that is most likely to respond to your content.
Personalization of Advertising
Today’s advertising can be personalized in a way like never before. Your customers want to feel like you’re talking to them individually. Personalizing emails with first names and other information increases clickthrough rates. Reaching out with different messages based on gender, age or other demographics can help you offer relevant content to your customer. Your 2020 digital strategy should include a way to connect with customers on a personal level.
Consider the Buyers
Modern businesses have to think more about what their customers are looking for in today’s marketplace. You can’t just offer ads that push people to make a purchase. You have to offer content that gets a customer into your sales pipeline, based on where the customer is in the sales process. Customers will research your company before they ever set foot in your store or on your website. You need a strategy that focuses on buyer’s needs, rather than your products or services.
SEO For Search Visibility
Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of being visible online. Your digital marketing strategy has to include all aspects of SEO. On-page SEO is the titles, text and keywords on your pages. Off-page SEO is about building authority in your industry through backlinks and publications outside of your website. Technical SEO is the backend of the website that offers users a good experience.
Combine elements from multiple strategies to increase your online presence in 2020.

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Top tips for the creation of digital plan

Creating a clear digital plan can have clear benefits for any business no matter what size, indeed we know from experience that small and growing business usually gain significant benefits when they create a digital plan as it gives the business real focus and engagement opportunities for everyone in that business to get on board with. In fact its fair to say that in the current business climate especially post BREXIT, we believe that a business not having a digital plan effectively means not having a plan at all.

So how do you go about creating a digital plan and seeing the benefits for your business? These are our top tips….

  • Its about Technology

When you create a Digital Plan you undoubtedly will find that you dont need to change your business, you just need to empower your employees to engage with your business and your customers and this is likely to be through smartphones or tablets in a way that suits the customer and prospects not you and your business, so if you supply football memorabilia then you need to be active on Saturday’s when games are played and in the evening as that is when potential customers will also be active on social media and more receptive to your message.

  • Work together

So work together with your team, ask them who is confident on instagram or facebook for example and you’ll find a champion wanting to take the production of this on and manage the day to day updates after you give your plan as to who/what/why and when you want to engage your customers. Don’t forget you may need to invest in the right tools for them to do the job, a new smartphone maybe even a private company facebook group to pull together the management of all this.

  • Train and improve

We know that all small businesses need people who understand the digital world we know live in and who can see the potential of technology and then convert this into real business growth. For some that will mean looking towards young people, our those digital experts who seem to naturally possess those skills that means it all comes really easily to them.  Also you may have some other staff members keen to get involved, whichever way you turn as a business you need to invest in and nurture that talent as they will help your business grow.Now is the time to ensure that, no matter what the size of your business, you can make the most of digital technology and its benefits.

Developing a digital plan shouldn’t be an afterthought – the businesses that succeed will be the ones that make it integral to their strategy from the start. Now the sales bit, if you need help in creating your digital plan please call us on 01392 241653 or contact us through the website here for a no obligation conversation.

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