Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

What is Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)?

When you search in Google or one of the other popular search engines, the results at the top and right hand side of the search results page are often ‘paid for’ listings. Advertisers pay the search engine every time somebody clicks on an ad, typically the advertisers will bid to have their ads shown for keyword searches relevant to their target market. It is different to ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ listings which feature below these paid search results. (Natural search listings can be improved by using SEO).

Who are the largest PPC networks?

Google now accounts for nearly 90% of UK search traffic, and their ‘AdWords’ PPC service is the market leader in the PPC search market. The other major search engines with well established PPC programs are Yahoo & Bing. Facebook is another popular choice for PPC advertising and allows a large amount of segmentation to target users by: Age, Sex, Location, Occupation, Interests etc.

Advantages of PPC

  • PPC can be turned on and off instantly, you can be seen in search listings for chosen keywords within minutes.
  • Flexibility in budget, you can start with a budget from as little as a few pounds a day with the possibility to increase your daily spend when you start seeing positive results.
  • It is possible to highly target PPC advertising to specific search keywords, user location or other demographics.
  • PPC is very accountable, reports show exactly where the advertising budget has been spent, and with additional goal tracking it is possible to calculate ROI for an individual action or sale.

PPC service from GleaveMedia

We can offer the following PPC service setup:

  • Analysis of your current site to understand your target market. Where possible we can analyse data from Google Analytics to see how users currently interact with your site.
  • Develop targeted, themed keyword groups relating to your products or services. Also develop ‘negative’ keyword lists of search terms that ads should not be shown for.
  • Setup AdWords (or other PPC network) campaign, turning themed keyword groups into ‘Ad Groups’ with individual ads. Each ad will be created with text relating to the group’s keywords. Daily budgets and keyword bid prices are setup at this stage. Ads can also be ‘geo-targeted’ so that they are only seen by users in a particular location.
  • Where appropriate, it is possible to set up goal tracking, which can aid conversion rate optimisation at a later stage.
  • Accounts are monitored on a regular basis to update bid prices, adjust keywords and create new ad text.

Contact us to see how PPC advertising with Goal Tracking and Conversion Rate Optimisation can help your business.