Web Hosting

We know how important it is for your website to have a safe and reliable hosting platform on the Internet.  Whether you are a ‘one man band’ or a million pound ecommerce site the need to have a reliable host is just the same – we know that!

GleaveMedia hosts all our customer websites in multiple locations – currently – Manchester, Gloucester and London ensuring your have big city security at a fair and reasonable cost and we can host Linux, Windows and ASP websites.  And all our hosting packages come with the security, fire suppression and guaranteed power supply that you would expect.
From late 2016 we upgraded our website server hosting packages to work better and more efficiently for your website that you host with us, with two key upgrades:

Firstly from January 2017 popular browsers are going to start penalising sites that aren’t secured by an SSL certificate (as some search engines already do), so we’ve added a free SSL to every website included as part of your hosting package.

Secondly – we’ve installed “Varnish” (a popular caching tool) service-wide to massively improve page loading times, varnish caches content so that popular content is already loaded into memory. This can result in both static and dynamic content loading up to 10x faster than without caching!

Both these are significant upgrades are all included in your monthly or annual fee and ensure that your website works on the best webserver we can possibly make it.

For more details on our hosting packages please contact us on our contact form.