eBay and the changing passwords

eBay and the changing passwords

You will by now have heard all about how eBay has managed to allow someone it didn’t want access to the data of its UK users, what this means is that your details that you have given to eBay are now potentially in the hands of someone else for gain or just plain pain – we may never know.  You may also have received the email from eBay telling you to change your password – make sure you do now. Also there are bound to be some dodgy links being sent encouraging you to click on, well just be sure to actually login to the ‘real eBay’ and change your password there, http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/account/forgot-password.html.

So who’s fault was it?

We don’t know, what we do know is this is becoming increasingly common where well known sites are exploited and then you (the user) is asked to chance login details just to be on the safe side, and how do you know how many other companies are really ‘protecting’ your data? Perhaps some have leaked it already…but we didn’t find out.

So what an you do?

In simple terms not a lot, it is always good advice to regularly update and change passwords, and if you no longer have faith in an online site to keep your data secure then leave them – that is potentially the best weapon you have, if enough consumers express dissatisfaction and leave then more emphasis will be made on data security.

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