eBay shopping cart, making the ecommerce experience simpler?

eBay shopping cart, making the ecommerce experience simpler?

Lets make no mistake we love eBay, their is no greater tool to sell to so wide an audience for so little.  One thing that eBay has always missed the mark with it multiple basket items.  You have never been able to shop like you do for instance at Amazon adding things to your basket as you go along – a major flaw in our opinion.

We are delighted to confirm that rolling out over the next few weeks will be eBay’s own shopping cart which will allow you to add items into your cart like for instance you can do at Amazon (or most large ecommerce sites) and check out as one purchase.  The change will be visual as you will start to see an ‘Add to basket’ button as apposed to the ‘Buy it now’ button.

This should have been done ages ago, eBay is playing catch up in our opinion they have played with lots of other parts of the site and tweaked as they have gone on, but to leave this untill now we believe is long overdue.

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