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Ben and Jerrys Instagram

Instagram the big hitter of 2014?

Ben and Jerrys InstagramInstagram has seemingly gone from a cult selfie platform to a storytelling platform overnight. As a result of this fast growing success it is challenging the more mainstream social media of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through photo sharing in a mobile world. The use of Instagram means a brand can tell its story visually so we can emotionally emphasise with them, this does mean that brands need to take care but in 2014 we think Instagram will be the big hitter of the year for three clear reasons.

Social Media is becoming more Visual

2013 saw a significant rise in the number of images shared socially and the continuing drive of the more mainstream social media platforms to focus more on visuals as apposed to writing this is only going one way.  For example images on Twitter and Facebook show in news feeds – you no longer have to click to view the photo, it is there for anyone to see.

An acceptance of sponsored posts

Users of Instagram use it free and as such it needs to pay its way somehow, the use of sponsored posts is far more accepted  by everyone and this is where marketeers can influence users by drilling down the metrics to create a fully targeted visual offering and getting influencers on Instagram to buy into this.  Major brands are already on this Ben & Jerry’s ice cream being one…

Since its launch, Instagram has provided us with an amazing platform to connect with our fans and tell our story visually. Ads on Instagram let us reach and engage with more fans about our flavors, fun and values.”

Mike Hayes, Digital Marketing Manager, Ben & Jerry’s

Instagram is still growing

We are only at the start of the journey for Instagram, how we as marketeers use this great tool is what will shape 2014, the potential here is phenomenal now we can grasp how this relatively simple app can tell a story in a compelling fashion that our customers want to engage with.  Instagram will continue to shape the mobile photo sharing world for a long time to come and we believe 2014 will be its year.

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