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Customer Surveys for Tourist Attractions

SurveyFinding out what your visitors really think surely has to be a good think doesn’t it?

Here at GleaveMedia we have considerable experience in doing just that having just completed a major survey project for a National Market business.  They wanted to find out more about the customer base and those customers who just don’t use them but may or may not have even heard of them.  This project involved on site surveys in this South West Tourist attraction as well as surveying at local towns nearby the attraction to ensure we got a really diverse customer selection, this ensures statistically correct and valid results from real people at the location and in the surrounding area.

The surveying of your customer base (and potential customer base) can provide a direct insight into how happy your products and services make your customers and on where you should focus your future efforts.

Common goals of many surveys include:

  • Measuring how loyal your customers are
  • New product launchesHelping human resources departments train staff or execute new staff initiatives
  • How good your customer service actually is
  • Staff training and new ideas or plans

GleaveMedia we can help with your customer surveys needs and requirements and help your business achieve it s targets, just get in touch here.