Small Business Automation

Extraordinary Customer ServiceWhen we look at the majority of small businesses they lack a solid sales and marketing funnels to create a consistent stream of new customers and these are funnels that address both the customer buying cycle and the sales function – critical elements for any growing business.

Here at Gleave Media we can help support your sales funnels where prospects and loaded up at the top and customers come out the bottom using solid database marketing which has a unique CRM and Email marketing system at its core.

We encourage customers to set up lead capture, using web forms, telephone etc. All prospects and customers get captured in the database and as much info as possible that can be used to do targeted follow up.  It’s important to upfront plan the sales and marketing process, where are leads coming from, then what process will they go through, what steps are taken to qualify a prospect.

We use a combination of tools in the system to build solid follow up, email campaigns, groups to segment audiences, custom fields to use specific tailored data in emails, sms messages, tasks to ensure things get done, automation to pull it all together.

So the main thing isn’t really about just recording customer details, or sending out a monthly email. It’s about creating campaigns that send a steady stream of people into a pre-planned sales and marketing process. You then rely on the system to ensure that prospects are followed up, either automatically or by members of the team so that they go from cold enquiry to warm prospect to customer.

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