five ways to create amazing customer surveys

GleaveMediaAug 16,2012
Online Marketing,social media

We are big believers in customer surveys as a great way of helping you determine which way your online business should proceed and these are are five ways to create amazing customer surveys. 1. Do your research Any successful survey needs to be as targeted as possible. Don’t just ask

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How to start selling on eBay

GleaveMediaJul 23,2012

Ebay was launched way back in 1999 and is the UK’s largest online marketplace, here you can buy and sell everything from sofas to jewellery, from cars to pest control products and everything in-between. Yet we still find businesses who aren’t taking advantage of the global audience of hundreds of

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three top tips for content writing for search engines

GleaveMediaJul 5,2012
Online Marketing,SEO

Writing content so it your site can be indexed correctly is an art in itself, these are our three top tips for content writing for search engines. Find your correct keyword and make sure you use it Be sure to select a relevant key phrase so this can be the

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eBay Business Training Course in Devon

GleaveMediaJun 13,2012

We are big believers in the power of eBay to deliver great results to pretty much all online businesses and we have worked with numerous customers to get them featured and selling worldwide on this fabulous ecommerce solution. “Gleave Media has helped us learn, understand and launch a successful new

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Firefox now Europe’s chosen browser

GleaveMediaMay 17,2012
Web Development

Well it had to happen sooner rather than later – Internet Explorer is no longer the most used browser in mainland Europe, we have Firefox taking the lead for the first time. According to figures from website stats firm Statcounter they show that the gap between the two browsers started

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Business Social Media Strategy

GleaveMediaMay 3,2012
blogs,Online Marketing,SEO,social media

You can find content in all sorts of great areas and this is a really interesting video clip on Seth Godin’s reply about business social media strategy. He summarizes where he feels most businesses are going wrong by focusing on getting more network connections, instead of focusing on developing meaningful

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How to get the best out of your Email Marketing

GleaveMediaApr 24,2012
Email marketing

Promoting your business by email marketing is a powerful form of direct marketing, you can communicate quickly, effectively and very cost effectively to all your groups of customers and prospects at a time of your choosing. Any email marketing needs to be planned with real care so it can be

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Using the LinkedIN Follow Company button

GleaveMediaApr 17,2012
LinkedIN,Online Marketing,social media

LinkedIN often referred to as the ‘Professionals facebook’ has branched out more and more since its IPO in early 2011. One of these key developments is bringing together people who work with OR who want to follow what a specific company posts. So with this in mind in February 2012

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Social Media Consulting for Business

Social Media for Business

GleaveMediaApr 2,2012
Online Marketing,social media,training

Social media is not just about technology, whether you have the latest iPhone or Google Gingerbread on your phone! It is about building relationships and conversations with your customers and brand advocates, widening the audience for your message. We have been immersed in the Internet since 1999 and we bring

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Search Engine Optimization Exeter

How long do SEO results take to show?

GleaveMediaMar 21,2012

Often for a new client the conversation quickly moves onto when they will appear on the first page of Google, a very difficult question to answer and one we use to raise a number of really important points about Search Engine Optimisation and the service we provide, here are a

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