Customer Surveys for Tourist Attractions

GleaveMediaSep 10,2013
Surveys,Web Development

Finding out what your visitors really think surely has to be a good think doesn’t it? Here at GleaveMedia we have considerable experience in doing just that having just completed a major survey project for a National Market business.  They wanted to find out more about the customer base and

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The Future of Digital Marketing 2013

GleaveMediaAug 6,2013
Local Media,SEO,training

In July we were doing the rounds of networking events with our 15 minute seminar the Future of Digital Marketing an interactive presentation of 15 minutes highlighting how recent changes in search may effect the listeners profile on Google.  With all the changes happening in search this year and in

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Google Enhanced Campaigns

GleaveMediaJul 22,2013
Online Marketing

Today probably the most significant change in the way Google lets a business reach its target audience will change.  After this date any business will be able to directly target ads at any user based  on the time of day, location and type of device being used, so for example a

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Promotional Products Devon

GleaveMediaJun 17,2013
Promotional Products

As part of our commitment to support the growing businesses we work with this has seen us branch out in to supplying promotional gifts and branded products for the particular business, from bottle openers, ceramic mugs to pens we have the resources to hand to help create that perfect product.

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The new layout on mobile for Facebook Pages

GleaveMediaMay 13,2013

Facebook is the UK’s most popular social network and each and every day millions of us visit facebook pages and half of these visit are by a mobile device (and this is increasing).  So this is why facebook have developed a new look and feel for the way anyone look

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GleaveMedia becomes a limited company

GleaveMediaApr 9,2013
Local Media,Web Development

GleaveMedia  announces that it will be becoming a limited company from the April 2013 as part of its future development and growth strategy. Alistair Gleave, the entrepreneur founder of GleaveMedia will become the Company Director, responsible for overseeing the company through this business transition phase and then leading the expansion

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ExeterTogether enjoys Social Media success with facebook

GleaveMediaApr 4,2013
Facebook,Online Marketing

Here at Gleave Media we recently worked on the Facebook and Twitter platforms with Exeter City Council on their ‘Exeter Together’ campaign which was a stunning success, the people of Exeter were invited to unite and switch their energy bills through the Exeter Together umbrella. Exeter was one of only

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GleaveMedia joins the Devon Environmental Business Initiative

GleaveMediaMar 12,2013
Local Media

We are delighted to confirm that inline with our ethical polices and working practices we have have joined DEBI – the Devon Environmental Business Initiative. Devon Environmental Business Initiative is a networking organisation set up to inform, support and motivate businesses, of all sizes and from all sectors in Devon,

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What your online business can learn from the High Street

GleaveMediaFeb 20,2013

It seems that these days pretty much any business can (and does) sell online after all it isnt that difficult and can be fairly straight forward the key is actually getting sales through the new online sales tool and this requires a real focussed approach and a really key understanding

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Three New Year Resolutions for your Online Marketing Strategy

GleaveMediaJan 16,2013
blogs,Email marketing,Facebook,Online Marketing

The start of 2013 is a great time for starting afresh with your business online marketing plan and the best way to do this is by setting some clear manageable targets and goals. These are our top three new year resolutions for your businesses online marketing. 1. Facebook WILL be

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