Gleave Media Coffee

We are four!

GleaveMediaMay 1,2015

It maybe May the first today but here are GleaveMedia we are all about the number four, for we are celebrating four years of business.  We have had the pleasure of working with some fab clients along the way and whilst there have been highs and lows we can honestly

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responsive website

We believe in responsive web design, is your site responsive?

GleaveMediaApr 23,2015
News,Web Development

As a company we believe in responsive web design and were pleased that as from 21st April following changes to their search algorithm Google have said they will prioritise mobile-friendly websites. So if your website is not fully responsive to screen size, this will lead to a drop in rankings,

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coombeshead academy enterprise day

GleaveMedia goes back to school

GleaveMediaApr 16,2015
Local Media,News

With my school days well and truly in the past it was a pleasure to be invited to Coombeshead Academy in Newton Abbot to take part in the year ten’s business challenge day. The students were taking part in a “Coombeshead Academy meets The Apprentice” day with the emphasis on

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Gleave Media attends small business reception at No 11

GleaveMediaFeb 23,2015

Our Managing Director was chosen to meet the Chancellor of the Exchequer as a representative of small businesses in the South West earlier this month. Alistair Gleave MD of Gleave Media joined two other local business champions at a 2-hour champagne reception held at 11 Downing Street, after being nominated

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Ask your audience

GleaveMediaJan 22,2015
Geolocation,Local Media,mobile

Asking your audience surely has to be an easy way for your business to engage with its customers doesnt it? By asking your audience you can gain valuable input into what your customer would like to see happen so hopefully you can provide just that. Up and down the country

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How good is your business data?

GleaveMediaDec 8,2014
Email marketing

Your business could well be sitting on a goldmine of data that you didn’t even know you had and if you took a look further and could well find some amazing nuggets ready to be discovered, such as; Existing clients you can sell other products and services to. Old clients,

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Seven steps for dealing with negative online comments

GleaveMediaOct 22,2014
blogs,Facebook,LinkedIN,Online Marketing,social media

The old adage that word of mouth wins customers is even more true in this digital age but these days many people will then use a search engine just to check out that recommendation.  What happens next is the decider before buying or moving on and it appears that there

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facebook insights

Facebook marketing success

GleaveMediaAug 12,2014
Facebook,Online Marketing,Pay Per Click Marketing,social media

As a company we work with a number of clients on all aspects of the Social Media presence, and as would be expected facebook marketing does feature highly in most businesses social engagement. This customer wanted a pretty much immediate ‘push’ with his social campaigns on facebook with significant increase

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Innovative ways brand managers can use Social Media

GleaveMediaJun 30,2014
Facebook,LinkedIN,social media

Sometimes it pays to think outside of the box. This is especially true when trying to keep your brand fresh and uniform across the variety of social media platforms that your customers visit every day. Here are four ways you can keep your brand on course through using social media:

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eBay and the changing passwords

GleaveMediaMay 27,2014

You will by now have heard all about how eBay has managed to allow someone it didn’t want access to the data of its UK users, what this means is that your details that you have given to eBay are now potentially in the hands of someone else for gain

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