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Why your business needs a Google local business listing

GleaveMediaMar 20,2017
Local Media,News

As a small business owner, you should know how important your Google search rankings are. You probably have done at least some kind of SEO to increase your ranking and improve the traffic to your business’s website, but that might not be enough. Since Google searches don’t always cover geographic

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Why Content Marketing is Crucial in 2017

GleaveMediaFeb 6,2017

Any amount of research on the current online marketing climate will tell you that content marketing is key when building a website. When it comes to growing a successful business, generating well articulated, accurate, and target content is crucial to drawing in your target customers. Without well written content, you

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Your Digital Strategy for 2017

GleaveMediaJan 4,2017

Your company’s digital marketing strategy needs to constantly evolve if you hope to stay ahead of your competition in 2017. As challenging as this may seem, much of it involves staying on top of current marketing trends and keeping your website and social media profiles properly updated. Here are a few

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Top tips for the creation of digital plan

GleaveMediaNov 29,2016

Creating a clear digital plan can have clear benefits for any business no matter what size, indeed we know from experience that small and growing business usually gain significant benefits when they create a digital plan as it gives the business real focus and engagement opportunities for everyone in that

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New Website for Photobooth Select

GleaveMediaOct 24,2016
Local Media,News,Web Development

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new website for local business Photobooth Select. This new website offers quick and easy access to essential information and features that offers a more comprehensive understanding of Photobooth Select’s products and services. Photobooth Select booths automated touch screen computer system utilises

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Why outsource to a Digital Marketing Agency

GleaveMediaSep 21,2016

Owning a small business is rewarding, but also a lot of work. For most small businesses, outsourcing elements that are not core to your business makes sense. With outsourced digital marketing, you gain a number of benefits – an experienced company can quickly ramp up marketing efforts, help you gain

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Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

GleaveMediaAug 22,2016

Having a Content Marketing Strategy is THE current hot topic of the marketing industry and rightly so. It is a £4 billion industry and Hubspot has reported that companies that blog receive 67 per cent more traffic to their website than those that don’t and are 13 times more likely

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crm integration

The Importance of Social Media Integration with CRMs

GleaveMediaJul 7,2016

As a small business that is either in the startup phase or looking to ramp up and become competitive, it is important to integrate as much technology as possible in order to streamline your operational capability. One such tool that is important to all businesses is sales automation tool integrated

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Sharing content on Instagram for your business

GleaveMediaJun 9,2016
Instagram,News,social media

Instagram is the perfect social media platform to inspire people with images that tell a business’ story. The visual aspect of Instagram uses the power of simple imagery to get the message out to current and potential customers, while humanizing and showcasing the company. With over 400 million active users

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The Importance of Small Business sales automation

GleaveMediaMay 5,2016

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is a powerful business tool. It is as important an investment for small businesses as it is for larger business organizations. As you become more dependent on data and its use in your business through changing technology, you find yourself at a competitive disadvantage

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