Groupon and the very local Exeter experience

GleaveMediaJul 6,2011
Local Media,social media

Groupon surely the ‘hot’ company of 2011 – offering daily deals straight into your inbox every day to a specific geographic area – Exeter (in my case). Groupon became a huge success by offering big discounts at local stores such as hair dressers and car valeting, emailing the offers every

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GleaveMedia in the local press #exeter #customercare

GleaveMediaJul 1,2011
Local Media

We are delighted to be able to share with you the great news that we are featured in the Exeter newspaper the Express and Echo, the story highlights our 100% focus on customers being at the heart of all we do. “I wanted to work more with small and medium-sized

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Social Media and Inbound Marketing for your business.

GleaveMediaJun 29,2011
social media

Social Media and content on your blog is a key part to any business inbound marketing strategy, below are just 5 ways Social Media can help grow your business. Speed – you can get a Facebook page running now and a blog will only take a little while longer. Cost

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Inbound Marketing and Social Media Seminar at Seale Hayne

GleaveMediaJun 23,2011
Online Marketing,social media,training

Yesterday Alistair Gleave owner of GleaveMedia was presenting  a 2 hour seminar on Inbound Marketing and Social Media for the Charity Sector at the fabulous Hannahs at Seale Hayne on the outskirts of Newton Abbot. This was introduced by Jackie Dawkins of Shine Charity Recruitment  and we then had a


Social Media Training in Exeter

GleaveMediaJun 21,2011
social media,training

So you have set up your Twitter and LinkedIn profile, now what?  Over the last few years Social Media has become THE buzz phrase of a many a marketeer, be it tweet that or facebook something else. The chances are in your business you dont have time to get upto

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Business mobile phones, iPhone, Blackberry or htc on a business tariff

GleaveMediaJun 15,2011

We all know about the massive business growth that comes from the mobile internet that can be delivered though a business mobile on a business tariff, this varies from just checking email to texting employees.  Which ever way you look at it the way a business works has changed dramatically

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Managing your bad eBayer’s with the Banned Bidder list

GleaveMediaJun 10,2011

Unfortunately on eBay you do get people who for want of a better wording ‘try it on’ you know the sort – you sell and despatch the product the same day YET they come back and complain or raise a dispute over something minor. Now don’t get me wrong if

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eMail Marketing top tips

GleaveMediaJun 3,2011
Email marketing,Online Marketing

It’s no secret that email marketing needs to be an intrinsic part of any online marketing strategy, GleaveMedia operate a very cost effective email marketing system called mailPDQ a full service email marketing platform with many advanced features already built in. So when you have a great email marketing system how do you

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GrowMyCharity launches in North Devon

GleaveMediaMay 14,2011
Online Marketing

Friday 13th May the launch of a collaboration between GleaveMedia and Jackie Dawkins. Why you may ask, well we have both been working with charity clients for a number of years and wanted to find a way to support charities of all shapes and sizes to grow and flourish by

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