Blogging and Content platform Training

In 2013 the biggest challenge online is about getting quality traffic for your website.  This is all about creating content that is optimised for what you do/offer and what differentiates your business from your competitors.  The right content gives you the edge and puts a personality on your business. The days of just putting up a website and sitting back are long gone, you now need to create good strong content and ‘seeds’ in search engines for the terms relevant for your business thus pulling in quality traffic.

So the question has to be asked how do you do that? Well there are numerous free platforms available that you could use in the first instance, and these need to be part of your overall inbound marketing strategy and that is where we can help with our blog building and content platforms training.  The training and support is tailored to your business and flexible to your requirements, generally we cover the following;

Your Blog strategy and creation of the blog – many consider blogging a terrifying prospects, what can I write about? is anyone really interested in what we have to say?  No problem we can take you through the process of identifying your target audience, train you on all the blogging do’s and donts’ and help you launch your blog and drive traffic to it.

Building your blog brand online - we help you to find your niche, this is and where you would be best placed to engage this audience .

Monitoring and feedback – you dont just create content, you engange your audience and the audience you want to be involved with, so how do you do that. Well we can show you the tools that help you ‘listen’ to where conversation about your brand and/or products you sell or even your competitors are taking place.  Some of these are real time, we follow this up with techniques and advise on how you could respond and manage this.

Content Creation – you will have heard the phrase already ‘content is king’ and this is never truer than for your blog and its promotion and visibility on the plethora of social media tools available, ones like LinkedIn and Twitter.  We can help you understand how to seed your content so it is visible where it needs to be in front of your target audience.

To find out more about the Blog and Content creation training and service  we offer please contact us.


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