Twitter and Facebook Training

Facebook and Twitter are arguably the two most influential social engagement platforms. We can help you decide how they fit your businesses overall marketing strategy.  How can your business be relevant on these key social platforms?  Well its very important if you want your business to increase its visibility and be up-to-date with all that is happening online. GleaveMedia has an deep understanding of how these two key social networks can be utilised by businesses and we have numerous case studies of how we have worked with companies training them in this area.

Our training and support covers the following key areas:

Introduction to Twitter and Facebook, what is happening in social media right now and why are Twitter and Facebook so important?

We then move on to compare Twitter with Facebook:

What are the differences?   Are they right for your business?

Starting with Twitter

  • Setting up your Twitter account
  • Creating a business background
  • Your first Tweets, who to follow and how to do it
  • Twitter basic tricks and tips – #followfriday, RT’s DM’s etc
  • Any Twitter problems you may come across.

Starting with Facebook

  • Setting up your personal profile (you may already have this!)
  • Understanding why Facebook is so important
  • Customising your privacy settings

Advanced Twitter

  • Tweeting strategy
  • Attracting the right kind of followers
  • Identifying and then following the right people
  • The secrets of getting re-tweeted
  • Getting business from Twitter, how do others do it?
  • Getting your Twitter on multiple platforms
  • How to measure your impact in the Twitter-sphere
  • Third party Twitter applications
  • Desktop management Twitter applications

Advanced Facebook Pages

  • An introduction to pages with examples
  • Why are Facebook pages important?
  • How to setup your business Facebook Page
  • Getting relevant content onto the page
  • Notes, why should you use them
  • Keeping your fans upto date
  • Letting others administer the page
  • What Apps you need on your page
  • Events on your page, why should you do this.
  • Social advert promotion.
  • Promoting your page off the Facebook platform
  • What traffic is your page receiving.

Facebook Groups and Members

  • An introduction to Facebook groups with examples
  • Why are Facebook groups important/applicable for your business?
  • How to setup a Facebook group.
  • Keeping in touch with the group members

To enquire more about our Twitter and Facebook training please contact us.

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