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Google Enhanced Campaigns

Today probably the most significant change in the way Google lets a business reach its target audience will change.  After this date any business will be able to directly target ads at any user based  on the time of day, location and type of device being used, so for example a restaurant may want to target desktops in the morning but as people are out and abotu after work move to targeting more localized mobile devices later in the afternoon/evening

Google Enhanced Campaigns says – “Enhanced campaigns help businesses reach people at the moments that matter, across all devices, with smarter ads that are relevant to their audience’s intent and context.”

A key part of enhanced campaigns is that they are able to display the correct advert ad and extension, such as sitelinks and click-to-call phone numbers, based on a person’s context and device capabilities. All of this means that you can get the right message to the right person at the right time at the moment that it matters most.

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