Online Press Releases

Online PRPublic Relations have been one of the key elements of the traditional marketing mix, as technology has changed so it follows have the needs of the newspaper editors, content publishers and journalists as well as the new breed of bloggers and freelance journalists who have sprung up. Alistair has many years’ experience in creating content that really works pulling in content and uses the online facilities available to the maximum.

A press release can be created for your business from the very conceptualised up to the final optimised tweak to ensure it has the maximum possible chance of success. We work with a number of well-respected PR professional and journalists who can be called on as and when needed.

Why you should consider Online PR for your business?

  • Builds quality traffic to your site
  • Helps establish and strengthen confidence in your business online
  • Gives users the opportunity to share your content through their network of friends, using the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
  • Gets interest from both online and offline publications with the right story (where we come in)

Why do I need great content?

Content is the KEY element of your press release and this needs to be expertly crafted so that the quality of this content is clear and grabs the users attention by being relevant and written with the user in mind. Great content encourages users to interact and thus the user is more likely to carry out a positive action as opposed to carrying on searching, maybe to a competitor!

How can you help?

We know that great content is vital to the success of your PR broadcast so we can both provide our in house content service and can bring in specialists if necessary should the need arise.

Contact us now for a tailored quote for your business.

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