Ebay Training Courses

eBay was launched in the UK in October 1999 and unsurprisingly this is the UK’s largest online marketplace with over 14 million active users. eBay estimates that 178,000 users run a business or use eBay as their primary or secondary source of income.

GleaveMedia are expert eBay Trainers and eBay Consultants having helped numerous businesses make the most out of eBay. We will work with you and help your business get the most out of eBay. We know of no other ecommerce outlet that can match its reach and sales potential, couple this with the actual cost for taking your business onto ebay and we believe that you have a winning combination.

An example of the structure we can cover in a GleaveMedia eBay training seminar

  • Why eBay, what account is best for your business?
  • Rules and Regulations you need to be aware of..
  • Managing your income and integrating this into the business.
  • Managing the eBay account keeping everything correct so the business can grow
  • Shipping, dispatch and the Distance Selling Regulations

    “Gleave Media has helped us learn, understand and launch a successful new side of the business. Working with Alistair has been fantastic he has been professional, helpful and gone above and beyond all our expectations.  Thanks to his guidance we have now launched a fast growing eBay store and Amazon store front. A fantastic company to work with, we look forward to using him in our next venture.”

    As well as our set training courses we also also offer a bespoke consultancy service, working with your business and helping you to put in place the processes needed to achieve successful growth in the eBay market place.

    Whether you’re looking to take the first step for your business on eBay or looking to optimize your eBay shop and maximise your presence on the world’s largest online marketplace, our bespoke eBay training and eBay courses are designed to cater to any requirement and all levels, please get in touch for more details.

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