The Future of Digital Marketing 2013

In July we were doing the rounds of networking events with our 15 minute seminar the Future of Digital Marketing an interactive presentation of 15 minutes highlighting how recent changes… Read more »

Why invest in Search Engine Optimisation?

We often get asked why should we invest in Search Engine Optimisation, what will we get out of this investment? We believe that a business that invests in SEO will… Read more »


three top tips for content writing for search engines

Writing content so it your site can be indexed correctly is an art in itself, these are our three top tips for content writing for search engines. Find your correct… Read more »

Business Social Media Strategy

You can find content in all sorts of great areas and this is a really interesting video clip on Seth Godin’s reply about business social media strategy. He summarizes where… Read more »

Search Engine Optimization Exeter

How long do SEO results take to show?

Often for a new client the conversation quickly moves onto when they will appear on the first page of Google, a very difficult question to answer and one we use… Read more »

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