Why your business needs a Digital Plan

GleaveMediaJan 12,2016
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If your business does not have a digital strategy then how do you know where you’re heading and what you’re trying to achieve? In this post we identify 5 problems that in our experience will effect the operation of your business if you do not have a clear Digital Plan.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Optimizing for organic search

GleaveMediaNov 25,2015

Optimizing for organic search and refining for SEO is something we’ve alot of experience with and something that as digital marketers we’re always working on to give our customers the best possible service, this is especially important when you consider how competitive and expensive paid search is getting. In the UK

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Social Media rule of two thirds

GleaveMediaOct 29,2015
social media

For many businesses we speak with social media platforms like Twitter has already made a bad name for itself. So much so, that often the first path of resistance to joining this or for that matter any of the other social networks is generally something along the lines of, “All

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Why managing your Trip Advisor profile is vitally important

GleaveMediaSep 4,2015
Online Marketing,social media

Managing your Trip Advisor profile and keeping it current can be an extremely important benefit to your business, especially for those in the travel industry and the many travel-related businesses like restaurants, shopping centers, tourist attractions, and real estate agents. But keeping information on your profile up-to-date isn’t enough –

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British Hen Welfare Trust Social Media Award winner

Why we work with Charities and Charity Social Media

GleaveMediaAug 11,2015

We’ve worked with Charities for as long as we’ve been GleaveMedia, we’ve seen small charities grow and bigger charities work better by having a clearer hold on the Charity Social Media activities, but why do we work with charities? This is a question that we’re often asked, simple answer is

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facebook news feed updates

Facebook news feed updates

GleaveMediaJul 21,2015
Facebook,News,social media

The latest Facebook news feed updates have found a new way for all users to view the posts from friends they actually want to hear from and read pages they actually want to see by creating a more personalized news feed. From facebooks’ own internal research it shows that each

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The five clear benefits of CRM Software for small business

GleaveMediaJun 22,2015

We work with numerous growing business and help them engage and manage their customer relationships, we know that companies that manage those customer relationships the best are more likely to win than those that do nothing. This management of customer relationships is the reason why the use of modern web

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Gleave Media Coffee

We are four!

GleaveMediaMay 1,2015

It maybe May the first today but here are GleaveMedia we are all about the number four, for we are celebrating four years of business.  We have had the pleasure of working with some fab clients along the way and whilst there have been highs and lows we can honestly

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responsive website

We believe in responsive web design, is your site responsive?

GleaveMediaApr 23,2015
News,Web Development

As a company we believe in responsive web design and were pleased that as from 21st April following changes to their search algorithm Google have said they will prioritise mobile-friendly websites. So if your website is not fully responsive to screen size, this will lead to a drop in rankings,

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coombeshead academy enterprise day

GleaveMedia goes back to school

GleaveMediaApr 16,2015
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With my school days well and truly in the past it was a pleasure to be invited to Coombeshead Academy in Newton Abbot to take part in the year ten’s business challenge day. The students were taking part in a “Coombeshead Academy meets The Apprentice” day with the emphasis on

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