ebay Christmas Shop buying with a QR Code

GleaveMediaDec 7,2011

So did you ever think it would happen, a 100% online retailer opens a bricks and mortar store? Well it has happened for a  mere 5 days ebay has ventured onto a street just off London’s busiest – Oxford Street for a short run ‘pop up’ store.  In ebay’s words

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Groupon Vouchers are they good or bad for business?

GleaveMediaNov 23,2011

Daily Deals from Groupon we love it, every day you get an email promoting that deal of the day as well as a few others that ‘may’ be of interest to you, these are from local businesses in your area and generally have huge savings of 50%+. So popular is

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Social Media Seminar for Charities in Bristol

GleaveMediaNov 21,2011
social media,training

On Friday I presented another of our Social Media and inbound marketing seminars for Charities, this time at Milstead Langdon’s offices in Bristol.  The topic was Inbound Marketing for Charities and was a full on session with discussion, interaction and input from the Charities in Bristol who attended. We had

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Shopping Centre

Safe Online Shopping for Christmas

GleaveMediaNov 9,2011

In the run up to Christmas , this is the busiest time for ecommerce retailers as we all like to shop and browse from home or work (on break time !) Indeed Cyber Monday, the day when ecommerce sites are predicted to be the busiest is this year on Monday

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Social Media Training in Exeter for Charities

GleaveMediaNov 2,2011
social media,training

Communicating your cause is crucial to your charity’s development and these days you need to be making best use of Social Media. You may have got  a facebook page and a Twitter account or even signed up to Google + – how are you going to incorporate this in your

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eBay shopping cart, making the ecommerce experience simpler?

GleaveMediaOct 24,2011

Lets make no mistake we love eBay, their is no greater tool to sell to so wide an audience for so little.  One thing that eBay has always missed the mark with it multiple basket items.  You have never been able to shop like you do for instance at Amazon

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Contract Cleaning Exeter

New website for Exeter Contract Cleaning Company

GleaveMediaOct 19,2011
Web Development

We are delighted to have been chosen to develop the new website for Exeter Cleaning Company, Elite Cleaning Devon who have been cleaning offices, shops and business premises throughout Devon for over twenty years. Elite Cleaning have a team of carefully trained cleaning staff and supervisors who understand the importance of

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ebay image recognition, making buying easier – possibly!

GleaveMediaOct 14,2011

If you already have the Amazon app you will know how easy it is to use, you simply find a product in a High Street store you like, scan the barcode and hey presto this is how much it costs on Amazon, and do you want to order? – you’re

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Social Media Seminar for Charities in Bristol

GleaveMediaOct 7,2011
social media

Well we are at it again, this time a new Social Media Seminar just for Charities in Bristol. This is another of our free online marketing seminars, this one held on 18th November at Milsted Langdon’s Offices in Bristol . The seminar will give an insight into how social networking can help

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QR Codes for First Great Western

QR Codes for First Great Western spotted at Newton Abbot Train Station

GleaveMediaSep 18,2011
mobile,Online Marketing

So you know things are going mainstream when you are about to board a train and you see a poster from First Great Western advertising the ability to get the timetables for a required trainline all by a QR code.  Just check out the photo, all you do is scan

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