Three top tips for Pay Per Click success

Three top tips for Pay Per Click success

searching onlineWe believe Pay Per Click marketing is something of an art form, easy to setup but very difficult to get it right so it actually works really well for your business.  There are many elements that effect the success of any PPC campaign and they generally revolve around the three core rules that should always count. These are, 1. Relevance, 2. Clarity, 3. Distraction – the short ad text is not their to work alone, it should be designed to create interest and make the reader want to know more and click through.

So with all the above in mind you really need to take into account our top three tips to ensure your adverts have Pay Per Click success.

TIP 1: RELEVANCE: You need to make sure that what you say in the ad copy is what is on the page the ‘clicker’ click through to. So don’t say something that isn’t on your landing page and this is very relevant if you mention a specific product or offer…… you need to make very sure that same information is clearly obvious on the relevant landing page.

TIP 2: BE CLEAR: if you make an offer or discount in your PPC advert then that same offer or discount needs to be clearly visible on your landing page, if it isn’t then your bounce rate is only going one way – UP! be clear if offering a deal or else you will get found out..

TIP 3: KEEP THE FOCUS: When you write your PPC ad copy make sure its focussed on what you are offering and ensure this is carried over to the landing page, all PPC adverts work better when they are focused on very specific landing pages. So don’t use a page that is generic, too many PPC adverts head just to a home page and then a business wonders why a ‘clicker’ then doesnt carry out any action. If you think about it a ‘clicker’ has two choices, either A carry out an action i.e. buy the product, or B leave – so be careful about cluttering the landing pages with links to lots of other products or services.

If your business is struggling with its Pay Per Click management or even if you don’t think its working for you after spending a considerable budget (quite common) then why not get in touch for a no obligation appraisal – what have you got to loose?

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