Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing

So is your business on the world biggest Social Network? With over 845 million monthly active users can you afford not to be is the real question you should be asking….

We have worked with many businesses to enhance their presence on facebook, that maybe through twitter and facebook training of the marketing team to actually running the business on facebook, whatever the need I am sure we can help…

Some Facebook stats direct from Facebook themselves..

  • Facebook had 845 million monthly active users at the end of December 2011.
  • Approximately 80% of the monthly active users are outside the U.S. and Canada.
  • Facebook had 483 million daily active users on average in December 2011.
  • Facebook had more than 425 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products in December 2011.
  • Facebook is available in more than 70 languages.
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    So if you want your business to make the most of this amazing social tool, why not get in touch and see how the professional and flexible team at Gleave Media can make a real difference to your business get in touch here.

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    • JackieDawks

      Would Facebook be suitable for small charities who do not have their own website or in fact any web presence? What are the benefits and pitfalls of using Facebook instead?

    • Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for your comment, I think smaller charities would benefit from a dedicated Facebook presence – the ability to link and engage with the larger online community is an opportunity not to be missed. To suggest it replace a web presence i don’t think a good one, you would miss out on the functionality of your own website, the ability to manage, update and control your own site, and for some charities their client base just isn’t on Facebook – i’m thinking the elderly or those lacking computer skills, i would hate to think any charity would not want to engage with all its potential client/supporter base.

      We always advocate a web site being a hub of a business/charity and f/b being one very important sub space for the organisation to manage and engage through, couple this with an image site such as flickr or videos on YouTube and you have a very powerful and far reaching presence and the beginning of an online marketing strategy…. and this is where we come in….

      thank you…